Life Freq Pro8

Life Frequencies Pro X8 is the Computer program I used to create ALL the FREE audios I offer on the home page. It is a Very Comprehensive Audio Healing program that uses RIFE frequencies, Scalar waves and other audio methods for healing. Read below to find out more about the program, and how you cab purchase a copy for yourself at a greatly reduced cost.



Life Frequencies Pro X8  is a  Computer Program created by a US comppany called  Bztronics. They has been on the leading edge of Rife Machine and audio frequency healing technology for decades. They are the creators of Life Frequencies Systems, TBSW technology, Rife audio algorithms, Scalar Wave Rife™ and Audio Prescriptions. Life Frequencies Pro X8 can be used for  Cancer, COVID, weight loss, Lyme Disease, depression, stress and over 2500 health problems – all with your computer. All you need are headphones and speakers.

Visit the Bztronics website (will open a New Tab)  to find out ALL about this Amazing Program! Then close that tab, and read on to find out  about my SPECIAL offer of how to purchase your own copy of Life Frequencies Pro X8 at a Massive discount!

So, if you did not notice, the price on the Bztronics website, of  LFProX8 at present is $597 USD  This Version includes FIVE Licenses to the LFProX8 program.  Because I am an owner of the Full 5 License version, I am authorised to be able to sell any of the additional licenses I hold. I can therefore sel a SINGLE license Version for a greatly reduced rate.

By purchasing a Single License Version you get a whopping 80% Discount This works out to  $119 USD for the Latest Version of LFPro X8

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