What is Fast Pain Relief?

 Fast Pain Relief provides FREE audios you can listen to from our website, on your Phone, Tablet, PC or Laptop, that can provide Fast Relief from different types of Pain.

There are NINE Audio tracks in all. They include tracks for Migraine and General pain,  Headache pain, Muscle and Joint pain,   as well as Tracks for Rejuvenation, Relaxation, Stress Relief, Deep Sleep and General Healing.

All these are FREE to listen to simply by visiting our website and clicking the play button of the track you want to listen to from the tracks shown below. All the tracks are 15 mins long, but automatically loop  back to the start and play again.

Fast Pain Relief Audio Tracks

Try out the tracks below. Use them as often as you want. My wifes daughter has used the Headache and Migraine tracks to great effect. I have used the Relax and Stress relief tracks A LOT,  and they worked really well  for me.  The Sleep track worked great my wife and her daughter. All tracks are 15 minutes long, and will automatically loop back to the start. There is no backgroumd  sounds on any of the tracks. All tracks were created with the Life Frequencies Pro X8 program. Click here to go to its page, for more information on it. Enjoy the track, many blessings – Michael


Migraine Pain
General Pain
Headache Pain
Muscle and Joint Pain
Stress Relief
Deep Sleep
General Healing